Eclipse ® Bigleaf Hydrangea | Hydrangea m. 'Bailmacseven' PP34,544, UPP

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Eclipse ® Bigleaf Hydrangea | Hydrangea m. 'Bailmacseven' PP34,544, UPP

Plant Highlights

Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea, was developed by Bailey Innovations, the breeding arm of Bailey’s Nurseries in 2017. The first true dark-leaf mophead hydrangea, provides season-long beauty with deep, dark purple leaves that maintain their color, even in warm regions. The dark purple or cranberry-colored flowers are a stunning addition to any garden, and the distinctive foliage makes a bold statement on its own. Maturing at 3-5 feet tall and wide, Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea will stand out, whether utilized as a focal point in the landscape or in ornamental pots.

First of its Kind

We get that you need something truly special to add another plant, especially a hydrangea, to the mix. And Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea delivers, validating its place in your garden. Eclipse® Bigleaf is at home in smaller locations where it adds stunning form, color, and texture. Eclipse looks beautiful when planted alone or in combination with other plants in decorative containers. Morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal for this plant. However, it will thrive in greater sun for northern zones (5) if appropriate moisture is provided.

All about the leaves

When considering Eclipse® Bigleaf, it is impossible to avoid praising the plant's leaves. Its distinctive nearly black, purple hue makes it stand out. Even after being pruned or when planted in warmer climates, where other hydrangeas turn green, Eclipse® Bigleaf maintains its deep coloration throughout the season.

Superior Disease Resistance

Disease resistance that is second to none!
The importance of clean leaves to Eclipse® Bigleaf meant that we had to take special care to maintain their cleanliness throughout the growing season. The disease resistance is superb, especially with the two hydrangea concerns: powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot. Because it is resistant to disease, the plant can be grown with fewer resources, is popular with consumers throughout the year, and requires little care from landscapers.


Eclipse® is a great landscaping plant because it can reach heights and widths of up to five feet. Once it has had a few years to become established in the garden, the planting will be quite remarkable. However, it also looks amazing in a decorative pot thanks to its eye-catching foliage and wonderful blossom. Because of its adaptability, you may pair Eclipse® with soil, fertilizer, and containers in even more ways to increase sales. Although Eclipse® is classified as a Zone 5 plant, those of you who live in cooler areas can definitely offer it as a container plant and make a stunning display in place of or in addition to vibrant annuals!


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Summer - Above 95 degrees | Winter - Below 34 degrees

Plant Highlight

• Growing Zone:5-9
• Plant Brand: First™ Editions
• Botanical Name: Hydrangea m. 'Bailmacseven' 'Eclipse ® Bigleaf' PP34,544, UPP
• Foliage Color: Purple
• Flower Color: Raspberry- Purple
• Flower Fragrance: NA
• Fall Color: Yes
• Type: Deciduous
• Mature Height: 3-5' Feet Tall
• Mature Width: 3-5' Feet Wide
• Growth Rate: Moderate
• Exposure: Sun in Northern Zones 5, shade Zones 6-9
• Soil Needs: Tolerant to many soils
• Water Needs: Occasionally  
• Pruning Needs: Early spring trimming to remove crossed branches
• Photo: Courtesy of Bailey's Nursery
• Grown by: The Plant Factory, Inc

  • Pollinator Friendly:Yes
  • Deer Resistant: No
  • Pet Friendly: No
  • Reblooming: Yes
  • Cold and Heat Tolerant: Yes

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