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The Plant Factory, Inc. was founded in 2006 as a wholesale shrub and tree nursery. The Plant Factory, Inc. is serving other growers, re-wholesale nurseries, and independent garden centers from the south and eastern seaboard and everywhere in-between. We provide the industry the finest quality plants for the end user, from the landscaper to the home owner, our products are consistent and well received.

Mail-Order Plants (Grower-Direct™)

As we have grown and evolved, e-commerce has always been a desire for us. Buying from the (Grower-Direct™) offers distinct advantages. 100% fresh, every time, shrubs and trees selected straight from our growing beds that have been carefully trimmed, fertilized, and watered for the pickiest of gardeners. Now we can ship our plants across the country to anyone from the novice gardener to the master gardener looking for more than what the box store can supply.

Our Mission

“Fulfilling High Expectations” is our life mission. All we do is grow plants, our whole staff is dedicated to the success of the end user and their happiness. Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is that your online experience will  be an enjoyable and stress free way to purchase and enjoy shrubs and trees for a life time.

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