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Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree | Wisteria sinensis | Quart, 1 & 3 Gallon Trees

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Step into the enchanting realm of the wisteria plant, where the captivating Blue Chinese tree stands tall. Many garden enthusiasts are familiar with wisteria plants, and the magic they bring. When we speak of wisteria the plant, we talk of beauty, resilience, and an undying charm. This tree is strikingly similar to the Japanese wisteria tree. For those who aren't familiar with the plant wisteria, it's a delightful climber with cascading blooms. 

Welcome to the world of the Chinese Wisteria Tree, a symbol of timeless beauty that transcends generations. Known for its hardiness and versatility, this captivating tree is perfect for customers of all ages who seek an enchanting addition to their gardens. Let us introduce you to the remarkable features of this wisteria, from its adaptability to various zones to its high-quality blooms that will leave you spellbound. One of the standout qualities of the Chinese Wisteria Tree is its adaptability to different hardiness zones. Whether you reside in zone 3 or zone 9, this hardy tree can thrive and flourish in your garden. Its resilience allows you to enjoy its exquisite blooms and graceful vines, regardless of your location. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for customers of all ages and gardening experience levels. At the heart of the Chinese Wisteria Tree's appeal lies its high-quality blooms. Imagine being greeted by cascades of fragrant flowers in shades of lavender, lilac, or white, depending on the variety you choose. These blooms are not only visually stunning but also serve as a magnet for pollinators, inviting butterflies and bees to dance amidst the delicate petals. Revel in the joy of witnessing nature's harmony unfold in your own backyard. Experience the enchantment of the Chinese Wisteria Tree, a hardy and versatile addition to your garden. Delight in its adaptability to various zones, allowing you to enjoy its exquisite blooms regardless of your location. Create a captivating landscape by selecting companion plants that harmonize with its splendor. With its high-quality blooms and timeless appeal, the Chinese Wisteria Tree brings beauty and joy to customers aged 23 to 75, making every moment spent in the garden a truly unforgettable experience.

Blue Chinese wisteria trees offer a spectacular display with their cascading blue flowers that create a serene and picturesque landscape. Admired for its striking beauty, the blue wisteria tree is a hardy plant that brings a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Ensuring your wisteria tree care is simple, this resilient species thrives with basic attention, promising to transform your garden year after year. Our selection includes the vibrant chinese blue wisteria, known for its rich color and durability. Garden enthusiasts looking for a wisteria tree for sale will appreciate our carefully cultivated chinese wisteria blue trees. They present not only an opportunity to enhance the charm of your green spaces but are also an investment in long-lasting natural decor. By following our handy wisteria tree planting guide, you'll encourage a healthy wisteria tree growth rate, ensuring your blue wisteria flourishes and becomes a focal point in your yard. When considering the addition of a chinese blue wisteria tree to your collection, you can be confident in its ability to adapt to various soils and conditions. The wisteria chinese blue variant we offer is especially selected for vigor and suitability across different landscapes. Whether you're looking to create an alluring archway or a lush green retreat, our blue chinese wisteria is an excellent choice that promises to captivate and enchant for seasons to come.


Cultivating the blue Chinese wisteria tree requires some attention and care, but the rewards are truly remarkable. To ensure a successful growth, it's important to follow proper cultivation tips. Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil to provide the optimal conditions for this climber to thrive. Regular watering and occasional fertilization will help the tree reach its full potential and produce an abundance of breathtaking flowers. If you're considering adding the blue Chinese wisteria tree to your garden, don't fret about the care required. With our comprehensive Wisteria sinensis planting guide, you'll have all the information you need to ensure successful growth and maintenance. From planting to pruning and everything in between, we've got you covered. One of the key aspects of maintaining a blue Chinese wisteria tree is proper pruning. By employing appropriate pruning techniques, you can control the size, shape, and health of the tree while promoting more vigorous flowering. Prune the tree in late winter or early spring, removing any dead or damaged wood and shaping it according to your preferences. This careful maintenance will ensure a striking display of blooms year after year.


The blue Chinese wisteria tree is a true masterpiece of nature, captivating hearts with its enchanting blue blooms and graceful climbing vines. By following proper cultivation techniques and pruning methods, you can create a flourishing haven in your own backyard. Embrace the beauty of the blue Chinese wisteria tree and indulge in the stunning floral display it offers, making your garden an oasis of tranquility and natural splendor.

 First Year Growing Tips

To ensure optimal growth, we recommend following these first-year growing tips:

  • Plant the tree according to our potting guide.
  • Invest in a top-quality tree stake approximately 1" in diameter made of wood or fiberglass to ensure a straight start for your project.
  • Use Velcro-type banding to secure your tree to the stake, as wire or string can cut into the stems.
  • Water and fertilize using our HICOTE 19-4-12 360 Day Fertilizer to maximize growth and promote good health.
  • Remove any low branches to keep maximum energy directed to the top of the tree.
  • In year 2, repeat as needed, continuing to develop the specimen head.


Our processing time usually is 1-3 days after receiving the order. Orders taken after 4:00 pm on Wednesday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.


The Plant Factory, Inc. offers the very best shipping processes to ensure quick, safe, and near-perfect results every time. Cold and heat may deter your order temporarily until it is safe to receive and plant your plants/trees in your area. At our discretion, we will hold order till the threat is gone ensuring you with the healthiest-viable product ordered.

Summer - Above 95 degrees | Winter - Below 34 degrees

 Product Highlights:

  • Growing Zone: 5-10
  • Plant Brand: The Plant Factory Choice
  • Plant will 3' Feet tall when shipped
  • Botanical Name: Wisteria sinesis
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Flower Color: Deep Bluish- Lavender
  • Flower Fragrance: Slight
  • Fall Color: Green to Yellow
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Mature Height: 10-15'
  • Mature Width: 10-15'
  • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Soil Needs: Moist well drained, needs moisture during winter
  • Water Needs: Occasionally, like moisture 
  • Pruning Needs: Shape early before spring flowers start
  • Awards:
  • Grown by: The Plant Factory 
  • Pollinator Friendly: Yes
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Pet Friendly: No
  • Reblooming: No
  • Cold and Heat Tolerant: Yes

Note: We put pictures and videos on our site to best represent our products, as an example of our quality as a grower.  You may, however receive a smaller or larger plant than pictured depending on the season you buy. You may or may not get a plant blooming as shown on our site.  We usually trim off blooms because they do not ship well. Your purchase of our plants should be considered an investment in your future garden and enjoy the process of growing it to its full potential.

Why is a good choice?

Our plants are grown and taken care of at our nursery, not staged in a holding yard unattended. Our experienced staff use the best horticultural practices to ensure our plants are of the utmost health and quality. We select your plants as if we were buying them ourselves. Our standard goals are to exceed our customers expectations. We pride ourselves for great “out of the box” experiences with hassle-free customer service and quick resolutions.


Limited Conditional Warranty: Warranty is limited to guaranteeing plants will arrive safely and in good and healthy condition, and is conditioned on Seller receiving prompt notice (within 24 hours of delivery) of any problem with the condition accompanied by photo validation. No other additional, extended or long-term Warranty is expressed or implied. Minor broken branches and some leaf discoloration is considered cosmetic and normal for shipping plants through the mail. Keep in mind when if this happens these minor issues will not affect the health of your plants and trees. Loose soil does not qualify for any warranty replacement. Simply put back in container and water thoroughly, let rest for a few days and then replant.

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  • 5
    The shipping was late but other then that everything was great. The plant was nice and healthy

    Posted by Verified Customer on 11th Oct 2022

  • 5
    Tree came in perfect condition!!customer service is awesome!! Very quick and very helpful.

    Posted by Verified Customer on 10th Oct 2022

  • 4
    a little smaller than I expected but looked great when I unboxed it

    Posted by Verified Customer on 30th Sep 2022

  • 5
    This tree came packed to withstand a hurricane. Luckily it was raining when it arrived, and once I’d removed it from the box, it sat in the rain and recovered from the trip. This morning it’s spread out and relaxed and we’re both happy.

    Posted by Verified Customer on 9th Sep 2022

  • 5
    We are in love with this Wisteria tree!

    Posted by Verified Customer on 20th Aug 2022

  • 5
    Everything was literally perfect. 10s across the board.

    Posted by Verified Customer on 11th Aug 2022

  • 5
    love the tree, was not expecting that nice, healthy plant, will be coming back to this store

    Posted by Verified Customer on 10th Aug 2022

  • 5
    Item shipped fast and very well wrapped up and boxed. Tree is very nice and bigger than expected! A++ seller. Will definitely buy more again from seller.

    Posted by Verified Customer on 31st Jul 2022

  • 5
    This was shipped so well, no way it could have been damaged. It was so beautiful, and quite a bit more lush and big than I expected to tell you the truth. I will, for sure order from this seller again and again! Great job guys!

    Posted by Verified Customer on 11th Jul 2022

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