Slow Release Fertilizer | Hi-Cote 19-4-12 360 Day Coated Fertilizer plus Minor Elements | 16 Oz. Bag

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Gardening enthusiasts often seek a dependable solution for prolonged plant nourishment, and Hi-Cote 19-4-12 fertilizer fits this need perfectly. This slow-release fertilizer is specially formulated to provide a steady nutrient supply to your plants over an extended period. With its 360-day coated fertilizer technology, it ensures your shrubs, trees, and garden plants receive balanced plant nutrition without the need for frequent reapplication. The uniqueness of Hi-Cote lies in its timed-release fertilizer properties that help gardeners gauge exactly how long the fertilizer will last, both within the bag for optimal fertilizer shelf life and once applied to optimize fertilizer efficacy. Choosing a controlled-release fertilizer like this isn't just about longevity; it also pertains to precision in plant care. This nutrient release fertilizer supports healthy growth by releasing coated nitrogen fertilizer and essential minor elements at a rate that matches the plant's uptake capabilities. Gardeners can rest easy without concerns over burning or overfeeding, as this garden fertilizer functions to deliver what your plants need over the course of a year. When it comes to questions like "how long does fertilizer last in the bag," rest assured that the integrity and efficacy of the Hi-Cote blend are maintained until use, thanks to its robust formulation. In conclusion, using Hi-Cote's 19-4-12 slow release shrub and tree fertilizer means embracing a reliable, extended-release fertilizer system that cuts down labor, enhances cost-efficiency, and promotes robust plant growth. With the right plant nutrition solution in hand, your garden thrives all year round.

Hi-Cote 19-4-12 Timed (Slow) Release Fertilizer

Plants are not the only horticultural products we offer to our customers. We offer quick release soluble fertilizers for every need by Dr. Joes fertilizers. We also offer long-term fertilizer for your plants, trees, and everything in between. Our Hi-Cote 19-4-12 (19% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus, 12% potassium, plus a bundle of micro-nutrients) is formulated by leading fertilizer experts, giving your plants the highest nutrition value it needs over a long period of time. If Hi-Cote is our go-to plant fertilizer for our growing facility, it will more that exceed your needs in your landscape.

How long will it last?

Our 19-4-12 has a resin coating on all of the components, which enables it to last for months. Depending on the day/night temperatures in your zone, Hi-Cote 19-4-12 can last up to 10-12 months. In warmer climates, it usually last 10 months. The science behind this time release fertilizer is it will not over feed or under feed, which means it will shut down in the cooler months and release more in the warmer months when you plant is actively needing nutrition. So, our fertilizer can be applied once a year for convenience and ease of mind that you have given your plant/tree what it needs to perform in the long run.
Our 16-ounce/453 gram bag will feed many shrubs or trees in the garden. Recommended rates will vary due the size of your plants and trees. Never spoon any fertilizer next to the stem of any plant - the concentration of fertilizer may damage it. Always spread the fertilizer around the “dip line” which means towards the edge of the plant’s stems, basically 4-6 inches away from the plants stem. There are light and heavy feeding shrubs that need different amounts of fertilizer. Always research your plant/tree to identify its appetite. Our customer service experts can easily inform you on what approximate amount is needed. Just message us, and we will guide you accordantly.

Here are recommended guidelines for application:

QT 5” equivalent size shrub – 9-12 grams per plant/tree
1 Gallon equivalent size shrub – 38-40 grams per plant/tree
3 Gallon equivalent size shrub – 124-130 grams per plant/tree
5 Gallon equivalent size shrub – 130-140 grams per plant/tree

Always keep plant fertilizers away from children and pets. If you have small children or pets, simply bury it under the soil or mulch. All plant food is harmful if ingested. It is your responsibility to take every precaution to ensure it doesn’t get in the wrong hands.


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Our fertilizer bags will ship UPS ground alone, or included in your plant order.